The Spiritual Aspect Being Vegetarian

The Spiritual Aspect Being Vegetarian

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or that I have been a vegetarian for many years that it seems I have become more spiritual. I seek spirituality much of the time. Did I turn into a feeble old man who is filled with regrets? I sometimes wonder… Did the way I eat move me to crave experiencing being one with God?

I remember when I got my first BB gun. You can guess what I did with it as an adolescent and it wasn’t target practice, either. I think back and regret my young actions. Now, I don’t want to hurt a hair on anyone’s head, human or not.

‘Sometimes, I sample meat, but it doesn’t have the same taste I used to relish. What happened to me? It seems like the longer I’m vegetarian the less good the old food tastes. I am always aware when I eat an animal that it was essentially murdered to put it on my plate. Knowing that, it isn’t worth it for me to eat it…’ ~ your author

And, it seems as I become healthier and healthier, that my body has become more sensitive to food I eat, especially if it is the wrong food and the red flag of pain surfaces quite soon to alert me I am eating unhealthy.

I have also discovered certain food that is vegetarian isn’t good for me. I don’t know what happened to me, but it seems I am streamlining my diet to less and less choices of food. For example, among other foods like rice and potatoes, I don’t eat bread anymore. Why no grain like wheat, oats, barley and rye? Gluten affects me.

‘Drinking coffee leaves me feeling anxious, with a sense of impending doom, making my heart skip a beat. I have to add cream and sugar so I can drink it. I now drink Japanese green tea which leaves me feeling a sense of peace and serenity I never got with coffee…’ ~ your author

Remember, I am not a professional nutritionist. This site is my experience losing weight and getting healthier. And, I hope something herein will help others on their weight loss and health path.

I update how I am eating as I go. I don’t intend on preaching and don’t want to become a radical food guy. But, we need to eat our best foods so we don’t get ailments, conditions and diseased.

To conclude, I have found the food I eat affects me in every way; be it mentally, emotionally and physically. That’s why I believe so many of us in the USA are prone to every kind of health problem imaginable. Check out how I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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