Is It Healthier Not Eating Potatoes, Rice And Wheat Bread? Maybe, Maybe Not. Here’s Why We May Never Know…

For the longest time, I was unsure about what I am about to say. But, through many years I have experimented eating potatoes, rice and wheat. Yet, I still am not sure without a speck of doubt one way or the other. Yet, each one does have questionable pros and cons…

‘In pretending we were still ‘cavemen’, I can’t see us primitives digging in the ground for hard dirty potatoes, and picking and gathering up little pieces of rice and wheat from the fields. I can though, more ‘logically or practically’ see us picking fruit and nuts off trees and berries from bushes and lettuce leaves from just above the ground. Doesn’t this make more sense? I think it kind of does’ ~ your author

Take a look at the birds and how they eat. I see them all the time in my backyard. I feed them bird seed I buy at the store (Funny, how it’s cheaper there at my supermarket than from those famous big pet stores!)

‘Why do we have such a hard time figuring out what to eat to be healthy, lose weight and live longest? Wild animals seem to know what to eat. Lions eat meat, birds eat seeds, and apes who are almost identical to us genetically eat fruits and vegetables…’ ~ your author

Well, they love it! It’s their food. We have our own, too. But, somehow, we got off course with the advent of the farming, the domestication of animals, and the industrial revolution which created all those refined and processed convenience foods. Boy, man sure knows how to make food tasty, but what about healthy and good for us? And, yes, he can do that, too, when he wants to.

‘It’s so easy when we are so busy to drive through and pick up a tasty burger from that window, isn’t it? The smell virtually hypnotizes us. And, when you have someone tell you it’s bad for your health, are we capable of seeing beyond our taste buds’? ~ your author

That’s the hard part in stopping eating wrong. It’s understanding that what smells and tastes great isn’t necessarily good for your health. And, someday, if we don’t change our poor eating habits, we may pay dearly with losing our health, even our lives lying in a hospital bed bankrupted with medical bills.

To conclude, someday will sneak up on us sooner than we think and will seem time passed way too quickly. But, doesn’t that hamburger and fries photo in my post make you hungry? It still does me (a long time vegetarian who owns his own weight loss and health website…)

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. Before you give up an entire food group because you think it is unhealthy in some way, you might want to undergo an elimination test or even get tested for allergic reactions by your doctor. I am only a layman and I could be wrong in food choices I do not eat anymore, because there is always that speck of doubt that lingers I could be wrong. It has taken years in my own trial and error with food for me to realize what I should or shouldn’t eat. The main culprit foods are potatoes, rice, wheat and other grains. The obvious bad foods have been already determined by many experts to be many refined and processed foods with certain additives and preservatives. These may cause conditions, ailments and disease in some people. Most common inflammation triggers are known to be dairy, corn, meat, wheat, oats, barley, rye, eggs, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, nuts, coffee and other foods that contain lectins and/or are of the nightshade variety. So, don’t stop eating an entire food group before you are absolutely sure it is causing what is ailing you. We want to eat healthy food and feel full and satisfied, and not go hungry! Be sure if you can to buy your produce organic and/or non GMO, but don’t go without if you can’t get it. Be sure to ask your store to get it for you, otherwise, you might want to choose substitutes which are known to be cleaner. Go to EWG to get your list of the cleanest fruits and vegetables.

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