Rationale for Eating More Raw Plant Based Whole Food: How about Weight Loss, Health and Longevity?

plant based whole food weight loss health longevity

I have studied much more about diet than I believe most doctors ever thought of. Although, I am not the expert, I think I saved my wife and myself from an early demise by eating unhealthy food. Why would one ever think he was eating wrong when what he eats tastes so good?

‘You might be suffering from certain ailments, conditions and disease and not know why. It is known food can heal and food can cause ill health. It just depends upon what you eat the most of…’ ~ your author

Yes, bad food is tasty. I guess I could compare it to marrying the wrong person for the kind of person we are. Would I have done good marrying a model or movie star? I think not. I am a normal guy, not what I think to be eccentric in my ways. I don’t crave the media or the spotlight when it comes to my private life.

‘Even doctors in the know about what a healthy diet actually is, disagree. So, what are we to believe’? ~ your author

It’s best to approach weight loss, health and longevity logically. What people in cultures live the longest? I have heard it’s the vegan Seventh Day Adventists here in the US. I believe we must also take a look at genetics. We are very much like the great apes. What do they eat? Fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, our bodies haven’t changed much the way I see it since we were cavemen.

‘What I try to do is eat the way I think man was designed. I think birds eat seeds, cows eat grass, lions eat meat, and we are designed to eat fruit and vegetables. I try to limit cooked food. I don’t eat refined and processed food, as they have come into existence in the last couple hundred years’ ~ your author

What did earliest man eat for thousands if not millions of years? I believe they must have foraged around for food. For example, picking berries, nuts and seeds and eating leafy greens and fruit off trees, etc.. I don’t think he’d waste too much time picking little pieces of rice and wheat to fill up a bowl. I really don’t think eating animals would have been too appetizing uncooked.

‘I try to not eat things I don’t feel are natural. For example, I limit bread because it’s been refined and potatoes, rice and beans because they have to be cooked’ ~ your author

Who knows when man began cooking his food. But, the question is, how healthy is doing so? Food loses nutrition when you heat it up. Cooking food and eating refined and processed food is relatively recent in man’s evolution. So, the question I ask myself is if doing something not natural like eating food that’s cooked the healthiest thing to do in the long run?

‘Many here in the US either have pre-diabetes or diabetes 1 or 2. Many doctors in the know say it is food related. Furthermore, I hear doctors are one of the leading causes of patient death. Interesting hearing the disclaimer on TV ads trying to sell you on medication after the hamburger commercials. These pills usually have numerous potential side effects. Are we willing to take the chance’? ~ your author

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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