The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update: Self-Isolated 65 And Older. What About Food? Why Not Have Instacart Deliver?

We live in California and the state governor suggested those 65 and older self-isolate. So, what about food shopping? Good question. You don’t want to be exposed to the disease if you don’t have to be. I was wondering what I was going to do to shop. Then, we thought we would try out Instacart® to deliver our food from Stater Bros.®. The disease gets airborne too and I didn’t want to take a chance.

I like going to this store because I believe it’s one of the last family owned family friendly stores. But, we didn’t know how Instacart was. I found out online it was $99 a year for the trial membership, but I am unsure about any hidden charges. We’ll see…

So, I will be updating anything good or bad about this. I actually feel it should work out OK, because someone my wife’s daughter knows had good luck using them. We ordered a lot, but we will have to wait about five days because many other people must have the same idea. Good thing we had extra food at home.

‘We ordered a little stock, but after the first delivery, we will be ordering more live food like apples and salad, etc… Live food only lasts days before it goes bad’ ~ your author

Who would ever expect a ‘national emergency’ for the Coronavirus? I have never experienced one of these in my 68 years on this planet, and I take it seriously. Yes, I will stay home until this thing runs its course.

At least I’ll try. We have internet, TV, YouTube® and books. Thankfully, we don’t drive much, so I have enough gas and won’t have to go to the gas station. Forget Starbucks® and Sprouts®, they will have to wait. Stater Bros. will just have to be our major food provider until things settle down.

Funny, the other day before it was suggested older folk stay home, I took a drive just to see with my own two eyes how things were going at the stores. I wanted to view how people in general were acting. I didn’t see any pushing or shoving. Everything was peaceful wherever I drove.

It seemed things were normal like they usually are. On my drive through my city, I noticed people were walking around with their dogs, strolling in the park, pushing babies in strollers and shopping at the food store like nothing serious at all was happening. Amazing. It seems everyone is a lot calmer than I feel! But, then, most people are younger than we are… Yet, don’t make the fatal mistake underestimating the risks and danger like I believe many kids on spring break are.

When I ordered all the food, I requested in the instructions box that they just drop it off, that it was a ‘no contact delivery’. We will see what happens about that. We left our cell phone number to call and asked they knock on the door or ring it and leave everything on the front porch.

Update- I waited to publish this until now because I wanted to update my experience on the food delivery. Instacart worked out just fine. We gave the girl who delivered a good tip and rated her an excellent five stars maximum.

This shopper gave us real time updates as she shopped asking us to choose other items when the ones we wanted weren’t available. We learned about the app on my wife’s iPhone as we went. Be sure when online choosing what you want, you fill in an alternate there. She also showed up on our doorstep on time with the delivery.

She delivered it on our porch per our instructions to ring the doorbell because it was a ‘no contact’ delivery. We opened the shutters and talked to her behind our window. She was personable, respectful, polite and friendly.

We will use Instacart again, next week. There were no hidden charges, as everything is upfront viewable within your account online. You can also update as many times as you desire before the date of delivery.

I did however disinfect all the merchandise by hand as soon as I carried it all around the side of my garage. I set a table up the night before with one spray bottle for produce which had a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and baking soda. Another spray bottle had water and chlorine. I actually sprayed all the bags and containers with this one.

Even though I used spray bottle #1 formula, I also sprayed all the produce with the chlorine and water and rinsed it all off on a table with a fine spray by my garden hose. I’ve never done anything quite like this before, so I was very methodical about the whole procedure. I sure don’t want to die from the virus!

After I felt I did a satisfactory job disinfecting and dried everything off, I took all the produce in and rinsed it again in the kitchen sink in a solution of baking soda, vinegar and dish soap. I rinsed it all off in a colander setting everything on a large beach towel I spread out on the counter top so it could all drip dry. I didn’t want to take any chances.

I changed shoes walking in the house. I didn’t want anything on my feet to leave any traces of the virus. I also had a change of clothes ready in the garage, disrobed in the laundry room and took a shower shortly after making sure I wiped my hands with sanitary wipes, anything else I could have touched along the way, and also sprayed Lysol® on items like cans and packages I placed in a cupboard in the garage and then closed its doors.

I did everything I could possibly think of so that I wouldn’t contaminate our house. Just ask yourself this question: ‘How many cells of Coronavirus does it take to infect and spread”! Answer: Just one, because it will spread like a wildfire!

More information about this particular virus: Go to CDC

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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