Being Vegetarian: Going It Alone…

Staying the course as a vegetarian or vegan isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you drive by your ‘used to be’ favorite pizza parlor or hamburger drive through. We all succumb to temptation in one food form or another. I would say it simply comes down to human nature. It’s hard to ‘stick with doing something’ when the majority does not eat mostly plant based whole food.

‘What I mean, if you are sitting down at a table full of those who are eating cheesy, meaty pizza, you might not want to make a spectacle opening yourself up to ridicule explaining why you ordered a vegetarian pizza with no cheese’ ~ your author

Some of us are what I call ‘stress eaters’. When things don’t go our way or there is an unforeseen problem or dilemma that pops up (commonly called everyday life!) We tend to soothe ourselves with our favorite unhealthful comfort food. For some, it’s ice cream and for others it’s chocolate. And, then there’s me… corn chips, which causes me inflammation all over my body because of its refined oil.

You will become excited about becoming a vegan or vegetarian and will want to spread the good news about how your health had improved. But, one has to be careful, because unhealthful food qualifies as vegetarian. For example, sugar, snack and junk food, chips, sodas, beer, wine, whiskey, buttered salted popcorn etc., all qualify.

‘If you like pizza and wheat doesn’t bother you, you don’t have to live without it. You can make your own crust, add tomato sauce, onions and mushrooms and skip the cheese and meat’ ~ your author

No one likes to be preached to, so the best way to spread the good news is by setting an example. You will always get those who say you need dairy and meat for protein. Nothing you can do about most of them. They have their minds made up. But, you may notice they are the same ones taking medication, are overweight, sick a lot and visit the doctor often.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

2 thoughts on “Being Vegetarian: Going It Alone…

  1. “there is an unforeseen problem or dilemma that pops up (commonly called everyday life!)” – LOL, isn’t that the truth! 😀
    Great post.

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