Low Glycemic Meal Planning: Life Without Rice, Potatoes And Bread? Seriously?

I think it’s important for our health to eat lower glycemic meals. Also, I believe it healthier to adopt a diet low in fat. I think high fat diets are responsible for weight gain, cardiovascular and other disease. But, I have read that too many refined carbohydrates can be unhealthy. Yet, on the other hand, some sources swear by eating all the avocados, nuts and olive oil you desire. Hum…

Nevertheless, I lost 50 pounds eating more fruits and vegetables and less fat and refined carbs. I am not what you would call a traditional vegetarian or vegan. I think it would be ‘inaccurate’ putting that label on me. I am in a slightly different category, because I eat primarily plant based whole food. Very little of what I eat is refined or processed, although from time to time, I experiment with my diet. Furthermore, most junk and snack foods qualify as being vegetarian and vegan.

‘Now, I do include a few high glycemic items like white rice and white russet potatoes. Nothing I can do about that. I am still struggling with eating sourdough bread sandwiches (or not) with avocado a couple times a week. But, pinto beans are low glycemic, and I eat these everyday. After a while, your body does adjust itself to eating more and more beans’ ~ your author

Down at the bottom of this page I have a link to low glycemic meal planning you might want to take a look at. If you choose to eat a plant based whole food diet like I do, you will eat very nutritious food and not have to scrutinize much what you eat with a magnifying glass. But, on the other hand, you need to be sure you get enough calories. And, that’s where higher calorie foods like beans, rice and potatoes ‘fit or fill the bill’.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use the USDA choose my plate calculator to devise your meal plan to get the right amount of calories to help keep your weight stabilized. Now, I don’t agree with their advice about eating any dairy, eggs and meat at all, but fortunately they do have alternate vegetarian menu items you can add once you begin creating your new diet.

“I can say with ‘almost’ absolute certainty, but still with a speck of doubt that it would be better to not eat any bread, processed soy products like the fake meat, soy milk, even the other milks like rice and almond and lastly, I believe we can live life healthier without tofu even though millions do eat it everyday…” ~ your author

In conclusion, you will also find many vegetarian recipes here, on my site that I regularly eat myself. Believe me, I never go hungry and always eat all I want. Check out my everyday menu, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

Low Gylcemic Meal planning

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