Why Thumbs Down To Soy Burgers, Soy Milk And Tofu? Are Aches, Pains And Inflammation Enough Reasons?

processed soy burger lectins inflammation

I took a nose dive lately experimenting eating soy burger patties, crumbles, tofu, and sourdough bread. It really gummed my insides up! But, I’m OK. I went back to eating my berries and salad and rice and beans and began to feel better (after ruining how good I felt before.)

I, like I’ve said often in past posts, am my own ‘test rat’ of sorts. I experiment with how food makes me feel. Sometimes, it seems, I’m spinning my wheels. Although, I learned how to lose 50 pounds and maintain it, I additionally learned that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet wasn’t very healthy when you ate the wrong foods.

Yes, there are right and wrong foods if you want to maintain your weight, feel healthy and in my opinion, ‘live longer’. The main culprit we need to keep an eye on is refined and processed food.

As long as I stick to eating plant based whole food, I usually feel pretty good. I remember when I ate berries for breakfast, beans and rice and salads for lunch and dinner with some steamed broccoli thrown in, I felt strong and had ample energy.

‘My wife’s daughter likes Edamame, which is real soy. But, I didn’t like it, I preferred processed soy burgers and its other fake meats. But, what one has to remember is if the food you are eating is loving you back or not…’ ~ your author

Again, I have learned my lesson the hard way to not eat soy or any of its byproducts. For example, soy milk. It took a while for its bad effects to take hold of me. After a couple weeks of eating tofu and processed soy, I began to feel lousy. No energy. Lethargic. It’s the lectins, once again.

‘Don’t get me wrong, soy burgers are delicious the way they flavor them now. But, they cause me constipation, generalized aches and pains in joints and body. Just another example of what tastes good isn’t necessarily good or healthy for you to eat…’ ~ your author

To conclude, the aches and pains and inflammation became more pronounced as time went on. I am sorry to say this, but pain seems to be our best teacher. And, this time, it only took weeks to about a month to ‘kick in’. Therefore, no more soy eating experiments, and I definitely don’t recommend soy in any of its many forms whatsoever in anyone’s diet.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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