Plant Based Whole Food: Healthier Than Vegan And Vegetarian Diets? Here’s Why…

Plant based whole food has no added ingredients. Vegan or vegetarian food can be things like chips and soda. We know we like junk and snack food, but it isn’t healthy. Just like being married to a movie star wouldn’t be right for most of us, good tasting food isn’t necessarily healthy, either.

Lately, I’ve been eating burritos. I was staying away from all wheat products for quite a long time. But, you will see that if you eat plant based whole food long enough, you can get off tract quite easily. I keep testing food and how it makes me feel. I am my own ‘food’ test rat!

When you eat plant based whole food, you don’t have to read the ingredients. This only comes with eating refined or processed foods. These are not plant based whole food like a banana or green salad.

So, what I found in these Mexican tortillas were different refined oils that are harmful. There was a hydrogenated soy bean oil in one of them. Some other brands I looked up had lard. Deep fried foods like chicken, doughnuts and French fries are definitely tasty foods we should avoid.

‘Potato chips and sugary sodas qualify as vegetarian and vegan. Who on earth considers junk and snack food healthy eating? Yes, they taste good, but they will never ever love you back!’ ~ your author

I remember when we used to eat out at Mexican restaurants how lousy we felt when we came home. I believe that traditionally, they use a lot of lard. Maybe, it didn’t bother me when I was in my twenties, but everything I eat does now for better or worse.

I believe we were meant to eat fruits and vegetables. Way back when we were ‘cave-persons’ we didn’t cook our food. But, it’s really not so delicious eating raw broccoli? But, modern man can dip it in homemade hummus!

I think I felt best when I ate berries in the morning followed by a green salad, beans and rice for lunch, and steamed broccoli and a potato for dinner. I lost 50 lbs. eating plant based whole food and the weight has stayed off.

‘If you plan on eating beans, rice, potatoes and nightshades, be sure to cook them in a pressure cooker. I bought a Farberware® 7 in one at WalMart®for $50. One of the best kitchen tool investments I’ve ever made. Use it all the time. Pressure cooking will reduce harmful lectins…’ ~ your author

But, years ago when I first began losing weight, I got stuck at around 185 lbs. from eating too many crackers, bread, cookies, cold cereal, potato and tortilla chips! Yet, once I stopped eating all of these, I steadily lost weight. There’s something about finely ground up powdery grain that will make you gain weight when you eat too much.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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