The Fountain Of Youth And Healthy Aging: Why I Think I’ve Found It…

healthy aging plant based whole food

So many retire because of ill health. If one cannot optimally function because he can’t concentrate well or physically perform on a job, what does one do? Pills only suppress symptoms and never make one well again.

Some doctors believe diet can cure ailments, conditions and disease. Many others put their trust in traditional medicine. Both are right. If one breaks his arm, sure he needs a physician. But, when he has cardiovascular issues, it has been proven a change of diet to low fat plant based whole food can and does cure. I have read over and over heart patients coming back again for another eventual operation because they haven’t changed their lifestyle over to a healthier one, continuing eating bad cholesterol foods.

‘Plant-based diets, defined in terms of low frequency of animal food consumption, have been increasingly recommended for their health benefits. Numerous studies have found plant-based diets, especially when rich in high quality plant foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, to be associated with lower risk of cardiovascular outcomes and intermediate risk factors [1]’.

When I lost my 50 pounds I felt much better. But, it seemed that my body became more sensitive to the so called healthier foods I commonly ate before. I guess I thought when I lost all that weight was that as long as I wasn’t eating meat and dairy, I could essentially eat anything I wanted. I found this premise wasn’t true.

It’s because many foods qualify as vegetarian and vegan, but not as plant based whole food. For example, refined olive oil is not plant based whole food. The whole food would be eating the olive, instead. But, it isn’t well advised one eats jars of olives, bags of seeds and nuts and bunches of avocados for healthy weight, best health and longevity. To me, a little of the good fats are OK, but more of a good thing isn’t necessarily so.

‘I have learned animal products, refined oils, every type of sweetener, and processed foods are not health promoting. I eat mostly plant based whole food like fruits, vegetables, beans, rice and potatoes. In other words, now, I eat simply…’ ~ your author

I love potato and corn chips, but they do not love me back. Why is this? As you know, these are both snacks and not health food, right? They are loaded with too much salt and are made with refined oils that are known to be inflammatory in nature.

When I eat these snack and junk foods I get generalized inflammation all over my body, in my joints and one of my feet swells up. Pain, is motivation enough to not eat wrong foods. I don’t think our diets should be perfect, and I don’t see how in this day and age it is possible. In my opinion, if one eats at least 80% plant based whole food, I believe that’s essential for improving and continuing ones health, weight loss and maintenance thereof, including extending life. How I eat, here.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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