Easy Common Sense Tips For Reducing Stress In Everyday Life

No doubt, life is hard and stressful. How do we relieve stress? Does it ever go away? How do we deal with it? Of course, if one has mental and emotional issues, there is no shame seeking counsel of a marriage and family therapist.

We may be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and not know why. It may be because of family, work, relationship and lack of sleep. At the very least, living everyday life is challenging.

‘What foods we eat can affect our minds and emotions as well as our bodies for better or worse, like caffeine and alcohol…’ ~ your author

I know that alcohol and smoking are temporary fixes. Stopping cigarettes was about the hardest thing I ever tried doing. Very addictive, but little satisfaction after the first puff. But, one cigarette lent itself to another.

That’s about the only satisfaction I got. It was the first puff off the next cigarette and one pack lead to two packs, sometimes three a day. And, it didn’t take long to do that, even though I didn’t smoke that long.

Alcohol was never hard to stop. Caffeine was even more difficult. Coffee was hard to quit, so I started drinking Japanese green tea, about a pot of it a day. Drinking that was soothing to the spirit. Different type of energy.

I guess what I do when I am stressed is either pray or meditate. These days, I am motivated more toward the spiritual, so I tend to watch videos on YouTube listening to Neville Goddard audio lectures.

I also write a lot. I have two websites: this one here, and another that I write poetry and other books I sell on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. At least for me, writing seems to help keep me ‘centered’. It’s very therapeutic, but that’s me, the ‘classic introvert’.

*Try binaural beats for meditation.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. For emotional and mental issues seek professional guidance.

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