Bird And Squirrel Watching Is Therapeutic, Relaxing And Meditative. Try It, You Might Like It…

I have a few things set up on my back patio so I can ‘be one with nature’. I hope it doesn’t sound ‘too kooky’. But, this is what I do nearly every day. Me and my wife sit out in the sun to get our daily vitamin D.

Yes, I know it is your body that somehow reddened skin creates a certain hormone that benefits our bodies in a variety of ways. They call vitamin D ‘the wonder vitamin’ for good reason. Because if you don’t get enough sun, you are in for big health problems.

See my friend ‘Chippie’ eating the wild bird seed? He’s keeping an eye on me. He has a younger friend who eats there, too. But, there is a Blue jay and also Doves who visit. I am not too happy about bully Crows swooping down, and there also is a murderous Hawk who flies down and kills one of the Doves once in a while. I know, because I see a pile of feathers every now and then.

But, that’s nature and I can’t do anything about it. It saddens me when one of my Doves are taken, because I hear them Cooing in the morning and at evening time when they eat seeds I supply. For me, my doves are special and very spiritual in their nature.

They bring peace into my daily life. Sometimes, they land about ten or so on the grass feeding, in the square wood feeder and perching above on the patio, on the block wall and even the iron gate by the pool.

One dove, I think it is a female isn’t as afraid of me as most the others because I can get as close as 20 feet away from her and she doesn’t fly away. It’s nice feeling ‘trusted’ by a wild animal. I have adopted them all. They are my children and I am their father.

“I’d like nothing better than to move to the country. But, my wife loves the city. So, here we stay. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to leave my Doves, birds, lizards and friend ‘Chippie'”! ~ your author

I buy a 20 pound bag of wild bird seed at the store, maybe about once every few weeks or month. It’s pretty good. It’s named ‘Flock’s® finest wild bird food’ I buy from Stater® bros. market. I like to recommend what I like that works out good for me.

As you can see, the wood feeder isn’t too fancy. It doesn’t have to be. They don’t complain. I built it in less than an hour out of wood I had left and I hung it up with twine. It works to feed them and that’s all I care about. It seems to be keeping them happy and camping out in my tree.

I also have a few other feeders I bought hung up here and there. You can only see one of the others on the tree in the background. That particular one I screwed to the tree, but there’s another hung up in a lower limb to the right of the blue feeder. They love it and it keeps them coming around. That’s what counts.

If there wasn’t food around, I am sure all of them would pack their bags and live elsewhere. I love watching them interact with each other when I sit outside on the patio. It’s very calming, tranquil and serene. I love it and you might want to set yourself up like I did. It doesn’t cost much.

All you need is a bird bath which I wash out every day so they can drink and bathe. You can likely get everything you need like my blue bird feeder in the photo at the Home depot®.

I did all for under $100. Believe me, it’s well worth the investment. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. You can call it ‘entertainment or a hobby’ if you like. Highly recommended for ‘peace of mind’ young or older who live (trapped?) in the city whose hearts are ‘rural’.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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