The Mental Diet: Creating An Amazing Life With Words…

positive thinking mental attraction healthy attitude

If you have eaten plant based whole food long enough, you also know you can eat as much as you want (of most anything.) But, you have (or will) learn you have to limit seeds, nuts and avocados or you will gain unwanted weight.

As far as our mental diet goes, you know that we are bombarded by much negativity throughout each day. Apparently, the mainstream media must believe that no good news is news at all. Unfortunately, I’ve found through the years there is little that’s positive on TV.

‘I don’t watch the nightly news, anymore. It only made me mad and feel like throwing my shoe through the screen…’ ~ your author

We all have mental conversations with ourselves (whether we think we do or not) that are either positive or negative, more likely a combination of both. You may notice negative thoughts change your mood or even make you tired or left feeling drained. In my opinion, it can even lead to depression (I am not a medical professional.)

‘Our mental and physical health can improve by eating plant based whole food and thinking positive thoughts…’ ~ your author

I could get really metaphysical here, but it’s not necessary. But, if one thinks about it, he will see that when he thinks happy thoughts pleasant things begin happening in his life in their own time. You probably know someone who seems to have bad luck often. Looking closer, you will also notice they tend to be negative or talk about gloom and doom.

‘Causation is all imagination and imagining creates reality…’ ~ Neville Goddard

You could try a ‘test’ watching how you talk to yourself. If you need more money, say to yourself you now have a job paying 25% more’ than you are currently making. Focusing on the situation you don’t want seems to make it ‘stick’.

Alternatively, If you’d like to be healthier, visualize someone close either family or friend telling you that they’ve never seen you look better and you reply to them that you’ve never felt better. This I do in my life, and so far, it works every time.

*Learn to meditate so you can relax better, here.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.


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