2.5 Million Years Ago Cavemen Ate The Paleolithic Diet: Was It Healthier?

The Importance Of Eating Like Our Ancestors Did 2.5 Million Years Ago...

Why would I say we should eat like they did 2.5 million years ago? Why would any modern day man or woman want to do such a thing? Would we give up our burgers, fries and pizza if we knew we’d get healthier, trimmer and live longer?

‘Our bodies haven’t adjusted to how we’ve been eating within the last 10,000 years (at least not yet.) For example, many people have a reaction to dairy…’

In other words, the human body may need more time to evolve into a ‘creature’ who can also digest and assimilate modern day processed and refined foods. Furthermore, man hasn’t been eating grains that long, either. For example, corn or maize hasn’t been eaten in South America for more than 7,000 years. In the course of evolutionary history, that’s not long at all…

‘One thing we moderns don’t do enough of is get into the sun. Early man was outside foraging around for food for hours on end. That’s how we make Vitamin D best. This is a hormone, but it is called the wonder vitamin because it does quite a lot to keep us well. Avoid vitamin supplement pills if you can, sunlight is the preferable choice according to the health experts in the know…’ ~ your author

It seems to me observing those in countries eating ‘refined’ carbohydrates like corn tortillas, bread, grain, and rice that they lose quite a few teeth before they become senior citizens.

Cavities from refined grain? It’s possible. It does stick to our teeth and I believe the bacteria that cause cavities feed on it like sugar. This is why I don’t eat dried fruit.

In cultures around the world, potatoes, legumes, sweet potatoes, millet, sorghum, barley, oats, wheat, rice and rye have been eaten anywhere from 5,000 up to 13,000 years. In an evolutionary sense, that’s not long…

‘Physicians, pharmacists, nurses and dietitians should encourage a healthy diet, similar to a mediterranean diet, which has good clinical evidence to back it up [1]’.

Early man learned to light fires and cook food which gave him more calories, possibly even an increased sized brain.

‘Some of us can’t handle dairy, while if you happen to be a baby cow, you should do just fine…’ ~ your author

Although, the caveman didn’t live as long as we do now I don’t think he suffered from heart attacks, strokes and contracted modern day diseases like cancer and diabetes. Modern man doesn’t seem to do well eating processed and refined foods. We overeat refined carbohydrates, animal protein and oils.

What did Paleolithic period man eat 2.5 million years down to 12,000 years ago? I am not certain anyone knows 100%. Here’s what I did find…

‘Based on these findings, the Paleolithic diet most likely consisted of the following-

  • Plants – These included tubers, seeds, nuts, wild grown barley that was pounded as flour, legumes, and flowers. Since they had discovered fire and using stone tools, it is believed that they were able to process and cook these foods.
  • Animals – Because they were more readily available, lean small game animals were the main animals eaten. As per some estimates, animal products contributed to only about 3% of the whole diet. Animals were not yet domesticated so dairy products were probably not included.
  • Seafood – The diet included shellfish and other smaller fish. It was a major component of a diet in the coastal regions.
  • Insects – A variety of insects and their products, including honey, honeycombs, were eaten. They were a major fallback food. Recently, the interest in edible insects, called entmophagy, has increased. The United Nations released a list of edible insects as an alternative to meat products as the insects are said to provide similar nutrition benefits [2]’.

Who are the healthiest people of the earth, nowadays? What do they eat? Archeologists learned what early man ate from teeth and bone samples.

‘Thankfully, several breakthrough developments in the field of anthropology in the last few years have helped dieters and practitioners better understand the Paleolithic diet. Perhaps one of the most popular misconceptions is that our ancient ancestors were mainly carnivores when, in fact, they mostly ate a plant-based diet [3]’.

Currently, who on earth live the longest? As far as I know, the Okinawan people (as long as they eat their traditional diet which includes purple sweet potatoes,) and the Seventh day Adventists in the U.S. in Loma Linda, Ca. both win the ‘longevity’ prize.

Source- 1, 2 & 3 Challa, Hima J. “Paleolithic Diet.” StatPearls [Internet]., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 18 Feb. 2020, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK482457/.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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