Coping With A Narcissistic Boss

We can become so serious about everything it simply becomes a bit morbid. It’s easy to lose track in daily life in so much as we have to watch how we ‘behave’. We can’t act the way we want. We have to appear happy when sad. We can’t talk back to the boss.

‘Isn’t it a crying shame we have to kiss up to a boss we really don’t like? Narcissistic people rarely change. I always butted heads with them. And, once I became self-employed, there was no turning back…’ ~ your author

The only way I know you escape a bad boss is to advance over him, quit or become self employed. But, being your own boss has its drawbacks. In other words, the failure rate of new start ups is unacceptably high.

So, if you are not a self starter who can really sell himself and don’t have a business mentality, you might want to forget it. Steady income is better than being unemployed or bankrupt. So, maybe you are stuck (only for the time being.) What do you do now?

‘Look out for yourself. There just might be something better somewhere else. It might not be smart to quit, but be always on the look-out for a higher salary. Forget being loyal to anyone but yourself in this day and age. It never worked for me, even in my time decades ago…’ ~ your author

Yes, you can be laid off, but unemployment checks eventually stop coming in the mail. If I had to do it over again, I would definitely have done things differently with my life. But, you don’t always get another chance to apply what you’ve learned in the ‘school of hard knocks’ of life.

‘People don’t usually change, especially your boss. You might want to think about replacing him or her with a more compassionate, kind and understanding one. They do exist, but you have to dig a little more to find them…’ ~ your author

My underlying truth in my essay here is that I worked in a profession I hated for more than forty years because of the money. It’s easy to get stuck in the lifestyle your income pays for, because if you start over in another career, the money doesn’t come to you overnight.

‘You might want to read a helpful (objective) post about dealing and coping with a narcissistic boss, written by Dr. Eric Perry‘ ~ your author

Unfortunately for me, no one in my family ever offered sensible advice when I was growing up. But, if you are young and happen to be in college, study what you are interested in. And, if you are older, you might be ready for a new profession. This is the direction I should have taken. But, now I am doing so. It’s what you are seeing right here.

‘If you’ve ever been self-employed, it ruins you. You simply don’t want to be told what to do anymore. And, as far as you making money for your company, who the heck do they think will care more about that than themselves’? ~ your author

*Did you know I wrote a book about how to find your ideal career?

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