Lifestyle Enhancing Tip For Those 55+

Can old dogs (55+) like me learn new tricks? I think we can learn to change our ways when our lives depend upon it. We all want to live longer, but not end up in the emergency room. Right?

‘I lost 50 lbs., the weight stayed off, and am still kicking’

How does one get healthier, lose weight and live longer when he is old? The short answer is that we will likely have to change some of our ‘ways of doing things’. This will probably mean changing our lifestyle or at least ‘tweaking’ it.

Hopefully, one does not have to learn the ‘hard way’ to get a ‘wake up’ call that we need to change which foods we eat. We have developed a lifetime habit of eating a ‘certain way’. Undoing it is not the ‘easiest’ thing to do, but it may save our lives in the long term.

Suzie is 72 and feels like she’s 20. Amazing! Visit her site and find out what her secret is…’

If you are lucky enough that you don’t have anything wrong health wise, that’s great. But, that may not last forever if you still eat lots of refined and processed food like TV dinners, pizza and hamburgers. And, if you are a drinker and a smoker, you are even luckier you are still ‘OK’.

But, people buy medical insurance for a reason. Yet, preventing (prevention) an ailment, condition or disease from developing in the first place (in my opinion) is well worth the effort.

‘Did you know that doctors are the third major cause of death in the US’?

The best way to explain how I eat is to take a look at this page, here. I eat mostly plant based whole food. For example, I don’t eat crispy rice cereal with almond milk. Instead, I eat staples like rice, beans and potatoes along with fruits and vegetables.

I chose white rice from California because brown has more arsenic in it. Eating more fruits and vegetables made me lose 50 pounds. Good nutrition keeps my mind and body in tip top shape. Furthermore, at 68 years old, I am living proof how I eat works.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.


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