Reasons Why Research Says ‘Refined Sugar’ Can Cause Cardiovascular Trouble And Obesity

I used to have a ‘sweet tooth’. But, eating refined sugar gave me cavities. What I learned reduced my sugar craving was eat more beans, rice and potatoes. This is real food, that has resistant starch, which gives long lasting energy. I don’t suffer sugar highs and lows and am not tempted for sugary snacks in between meals.

‘In the beginning of my weight loss journey a few years back, I craved refined carbs like chips. I bought a dehydrator and made dried fruits like pineapple and banana slices. But, the real problem was not eating enough calories’

Unfortunately, what I found was that dried fruit stuck to my teeth causing dental caries or cavities, so I stopped eating all dried fruit. Additionally, I don’t eat chips, crackers, cookies, tortillas and bread anymore. These stick to your teeth, too.

‘Experts agree that Americans eat and drink way too much sugar, and it’s contributing to the obesity epidemic. Much of the sugar we eat isn’t found naturally in food but is added during processing or preparation [1]’.

If you crave sweets, it still is healthy eating ‘intact fruit’. We have to train ourselves to eat fruit instead of candy or a soft drink when we crave sweets. Fruit has fiber, so sugar release isn’t as extreme unless you juice it or make a smoothie.  Chewing food is best, that’s what teeth are for. They are nature’s best ‘juicing machine’.

‘Some reduced-fat or fat-free foods provide almost the same number of calories as the regular food. They are not the solution to weight loss. This is especially true if you think you can eat more of a reduced-fat food than you would eat of a regular item [2]’.

A big health improver is removing sweetened drinks, even fruit juice. Almost everyone doesn’t think twice about drinking these.

The NIH states too much sugar can harm our health causing cardiovascular trouble and obesity [3]. Furthermore, they suggest if you want to lose weight, eat unprocessed foods (plant based whole food which automatically reduces caloric intake) and exercise regularly.

‘Refined sugar raises triglycerides, which is harmful to our cardiovascular system’

My daily beverages are water with squeezed lime, a cup of organic coffee (still thinking about whether it’s healthier to stop drinking it or not) and a pot of Japanese green tea daily.

Source- 1 & 3 “Sweet Stuff.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 8 Sept. 2017,


Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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