Craving Fresh Pineapple? Your Body Might Need What ‘Bromelain’ Can Do…

pineapple bromelain enzyme health effects

I always loved pineapple, my favorite fruit. But, it has something in it called ‘Bromelain’. You might wonder why you have certain cravings for particular foods. Of course, snack and junk foods are addictive in nature, yet plant based whole food is not. In other words, one does not keep eating bowl after bowl of salad when full. But, that same individual (me) can eat a whole box of crackers or potato chips in one sitting.

‘Bromelain is promoted as a dietary supplement for reducing pain and swelling, especially of the nose and sinuses, gums, and other body parts after surgery or injury. It is also promoted for osteoarthritis, cancer, digestive problems, and muscle soreness. Topical bromelain is promoted for burns [1]’.

Me and my wife add 1-2 cups of fresh pineapple to our blender to make a green smoothie everyday. Yet, it’s healthier chewing your food rather than drinking smoothies or fruit juice. I began making smoothies so my wife got more nutrition. This was at a time when she wasn’t eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Like her, many of us have been raised solely on unhealthy processed and refined foods. Some of us likely don’t remember the last time we ate a dark green leafy salad. Is our society, culture and traditions to blame?

‘Its properties include: (1) interference with growth of malignant cells; (2) inhibition of platelet aggregation; (3) fibrinolytic activity; (4) anti-inflammatory action; (5) skin debridement properties. These biological functions of bromelain, a non-toxic compound, have therapeutic values in modulating: (a) tumor growth; (b) blood coagulation; (c) inflammatory changes; (d) debridement of third degree burns; (e) enhancement of absorption of drugs [2]’.

We buy a brand new large pineapple every couple days. This brings sweetness and unique flavor to our daily drink. I always eat about a cup full every few days as I slice it up.

Source- 1 “Bromelain.” National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

2 S;, Taussig SJ;Batkin. “Bromelain, the Enzyme Complex of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) and Its Clinical Application. An Update.” Journal of Ethnopharmacology, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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