Synopsis Of 7 Decades In Learned Lessons On Health, Weight Loss And Longevity

Once you reach the old age of almost 70, you will wonder how you got there so fast. Looking ahead in life, things go slow, but looking back is like everything happened too fast. You can never reclaim your youthful years, but you realize you have learned valuable life lessons along the way you likely would never wish to repeat.

You never know how long you will live. The billions of people through the eons who are not here anymore also didn’t know. There is no fountain of youth and no trick to getting healthier and living longer. One simply never knows everything about health and longevity, especially when he believes he does. Life tends to set things straight.

‘Isn’t life an experiment? And, if this isn’t so and we aren’t on our own, then where’s our instruction booklet giving answers and solutions to our most profound questions’?

In life, you live each moment and often are winging it. The same circumstances or situations don’t usually happen twice so you can’t use old lessons or experience to help you get through something new and totally unexpected. Yet, I believe wisdom comes in time with a patient, kind, caring loving attitude and positive outlook on life.

‘No one lives forever, but without good health, nothing else matters no matter how old you are…’

There are laws of the universe just like there’s laws of the land made by man. One can’t live by his own whim and fancy and expect everything will turn out fine. There are rules one learns he must abide by. And, if he doesn’t learn, the hard lessons of life are more than eager to teach him.

‘The most important thing to realize is we must listen to our inner voice. Anything less than that is a self-betrayal. Let your intuition and gut feeling guide you’

We have evolved through millions of years eating certain foods. It seems eating processed and refined foods a mere few centuries or so didn’t give our bodies enough time to adjust. Biology evolves through it’s own time. That’s why I think many people have so many ailments, conditions and diseases. We aren’t eating enough of the right food nature provided.

‘Our life and memories will eventually wash away like a beach wave erasing our footsteps in sand’

So, what is the right food? In my humble opinion, it’s plant based whole foods like intact bananas, green leafy salads, beans, rice, potatoes and just about anything else in the fruit and vegetable kingdom.

Those throughout cultures in the world who eat this way are trim, healthy and live long. Being we are all human, if we follow ingredients of success, we should also prosper same results.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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