Unhealthy Food They Keep Persisting In Telling Us Is Healthy…

Big money pays researchers millions to prove their products healthful. That’s why it’s so important doing your own research. You won’t see TV commercials telling you to eat broccoli instead of TV dinners. The mainstream media will never refuse advertising money.

‘Funny, how prescription medication follows a pizza and hamburger commercial…’

Ingredients in many products they say are good for you…

It seems if something is said enough times it becomes truth. That’s why it’s a good thing to occasionally take stock in what we believe to be true. Where is the evidence behind what we believe?

They say a glass of wine is healthful. It is not. If you want health from grapes, be sure to eat them whole. I wonder who spread the notion drinking wine was healthful? Probably the industry did, just like we think extra virgin olive oil is healthy. It is not. No refined oil is.

Food is addicting and we want to hear the good news about it. From my experience, the only food that saved me was plant based whole food. This is food like bananas, salad, beans, broccoli, rice and potatoes.

‘Personally, I don’t strive for perfection. I don’t even try to be perfect. I simply know the rules. And, the rules are to eat a majority of my food as plant based whole food’

Nonetheless, I do slip and break my own rules buying a bag of chips once in a ‘blue moon’, then I remember reasons I stopped after eating the bag.

In my humble opinion, if one eats 80-90% plant based whole food, he will lose unwanted pounds, improve his health and live longer than those eating the ‘regular’ foods. Yet, this doesn’t mean eat out at restaurants and drive through windows the remaining 10-20% of the time. A little ‘cheating’ is OK. But, once in a while.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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