If You Don’t Want Better Health, Please Don’t Read This…

eat this not that plant based whole food

When I lost 50 pounds I felt better. But, I still grappled with inflammation and what foods to avoid. I have always had an addiction to eating chips, and found the refined oils they use caused inflammation. When you’ve been brought up to eat certain things, you may never get over the cravings.

Who can overcome his own culture and traditions when it comes to eating food he loves? Unfortunately, when one becomes ill and never finds a solution from his doctor other than pills and operations, he may start wondering if there is another solution.

‘Healthy Plant-Based Diets Are Associated with Lower Risk of All-Cause Mortality in US Adults [1]’.

When one eats plant based whole food, he may start wandering back to eating processed and refined foods. Then, back comes the weight and all those mysterious aches and pains. There are doctors who swear by curing someone who has Type 2 Diabetes with diet. There is proof food you eat can also be your medicine.

‘Plant based whole food is food as grown. Eat the potato, not potato chips…’

Some examples of food traps are that if one drinks coffee, it’s what he adds to it that may make it unhealthy. If he drinks it black, OK, but if he adds dairy creamer and sugar that’s another thing.

I also love pistachios, but they don’t love me back because they have a little more Omega 6 than cashews (which I also love but no longer eat.) Peanuts and almonds have so much they set my inflammation on fire. So, I know what food I need to avoid for pain and suffering.

‘Sprinkle a few chia, flax seeds and walnuts on your daily salads’

On the other hand, chia seeds, walnuts and flax are the safe ones with low Omega 6. Researchers agree that high Omega 6 foods are inflammatory. I also avoid all refined oils because most of them like corn oil has an over abundance of Omega 6. Also, refined oils injure the endothelium layer of the arteries (sorry, even extra virgin olive oil will.)

Source- 1 CM;, Kim H;Caulfield LE;Rebholz. “Healthy Plant-Based Diets Are Associated with Lower Risk of All-Cause Mortality in US Adults.” The Journal of Nutrition, U.S. National Library of Medicine, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29659968/.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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