‘2’ Health Giving Reasons To Keep Millet In Your Diet, But Not Rice…

I have tried every grain under the sun. Well, almost. But, what I ended up with was millet. Why? There’s a few reasons. One is I don’t believe its gluten bothers me. Another, is that it doesn’t have arsenic in it like rice.

‘Did you know all grains have their own gluten (wheat’s gluten is called gliadin.) Other grain’s gluten have different names…’

At night, some of us crave something sweet. So, what I do is have a bowl of millet I make in my rice cooker. It takes the same amount of time and comes out very fluffy. I pour rice milk over it and use a spoonful of xylitol to sweeten it. This does fill me up and stops the sweets craving late at night. No one should go to bed hungry. I know I don’t.

Although, I know that rice milk must have some amount of arsenic, I don’t know what else to use. I don’t use milk and almond and oat milks don’t seem to agree with me. So, I use enough rice milk to almost cover the millet. Nothing in life is perfect, right? I am not a perfectionist by a long shot.

‘Like myself, millet’s gluten may not affect you like some other grains (wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn.) It also has negligible amounts of inorganic arsenic…’

Although, I do eat millet I really don’t think we humans were designed to eat grains. I think there is some disagreement out there if millet is a seed or grain. But, it seems most call it a grain. Birds do eat seeds, but apes don’t eat grain. We might be better off mimicking what the great apes eat instead of birds.

And, as for seeds, I do use pumpkin on my salads and add sunflower to our daily green smoothie. People who eat nuts and seeds are said to ‘live longer’. Let’s see if that comes true as time passes. How old do you want to live to?

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


3 thoughts on “‘2’ Health Giving Reasons To Keep Millet In Your Diet, But Not Rice…

    1. I was a really big rice fan until I narrowed down my ‘aches and pains’ to arsenic in rice, even though it was grown in California (lower arsenic content similar to Pakistani and Indian rice.) Personally, I didn’t see any sense in eating or drinking anything with any amount of arsenic no matter how small. Thanks for reading my post!

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