When Overweight I Ate This Instead Of Taking FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs…

When I weighed over 200 lbs., ‘technically’ you could have called me ‘obese’. Obesity is a chronic disease that requires long-term management by a physician. In other words, if one has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, he or she is presumed obese.

“At the time, I didn’t realize this. I just thought I was a burly ‘manly man’ sort of dude. But, even though I felt stronger than I do now, I knew my heart was working harder than it should and that something was going to happen to me if I didn’t lose weight and change my diet”

I had the intuition that what I ate had something to do with my extra weight, but didn’t know exactly what I had to do to lose it. Through the years I tried various ‘fad diets’ of which one almost killed me with a ruptured appendix. It was one of those diets devised by a doctor where you ate ‘lots of meat’. I found out the hard way eating meat was ‘not healthy’ for you.

‘Many decades later, I began eating like a vegetarian and vegan. But, they ate processed and refined foods. Years after that through my own trial and error I learned eating plant based whole food made people around the world healthier, trimmer and live longer’

When one roams around the kitchen hungry, he usually looks to snack and junk food. But, this never fills you up nor satisfies for long. You simply come back again and eat more of the same. But, with me I always ended up eating the whole bag or box of whatever I shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. I needed to find healthy food that satisfied me until the next meal.

I noticed that the more plant based whole food I ate, the faster weight came off. But, I got stuck at 185 lbs.. I didn’t discover what the problem was until I realized that when one eats ‘refined grains’ and most snacks and junk foods, weight gain may result.

‘Refined grain has increased surface area and somehow this contributed to my own unwanted weight gain’

What ‘unstuck’ my weight freeze was when I stopped eating refined carbs like tortillas, chips, cookies, cake, crackers, bread and spaghetti. These don’t give long lasting energy, whereas ‘resistant starch foods’ like whole grain rice, potatoes, lentils and beans leave you feeling full and satisfied releasing energy gradually over hours.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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