Is ‘Surrendering’ To Bad Food Cravings (Snack And Junk Food) A Good Thing? Why It May Teach You How To Quit…

You’ve heard of the old saying that ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’? Sometimes, this can become a positive experience that helps you grow into the person you’d rather be. As far as food goes, we might as well face it. We have been eating the way we do because of culture and tradition for many years. It’s ingrained inside us almost like our own genetics.

Some things one cannot change. We are hard wired being men and women. We were made to eat like apes, but we have these minds of ours that can over-ride our common sense and not listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. Often, it is pain that our bodies give us to get our attention.

‘You will know when you are sick of being sick and tired and have had enough’

But, we are the smarter apes. When some of us get those aches and pains we take pills to suppress symptoms. And, when we do that for some time ailments, conditions and disease may eventually take us over. Not a good thing.

‘When we cave in to bad food and drink cravings we may gain weight, not feel as healthy and somehow know it will take years off our lives…’

In life, obviously we need to develop willpower. For example, we may not want to get up in the morning and drive in bumper to bumper traffic to get to work. But, somehow we manage to do so day after day because we need the money to buy our things, etc..

Some of us are hit hard with the stress of life and don’t know how to handle it other than self-medicating ourselves with alcohol and cigarettes. We may also find it hard getting up in the morning, so we drink a strong cup of coffee. Some habits are really bad for our health and we have trouble giving them up. I hear no disagreement that life is hard.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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