The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Being Stressed Out And Anxious In Today’s Rat Race…

We live in a very competitive economy. You may not know who your friends are when it comes to keeping your job. So, sometimes transparency or complete honesty should stay optional?

‘Speaking your mind can often backfire because of those not liking what you have to say’

I drink Japanese green tea because it makes me feel peaceful. It gives me a subtler energy coffee never gave. Many of us are stressed out, but isn’t that necessary to compete in a job market we must engage?

‘Wouldn’t it be better to work with like minded people in a career fitting with our personality style’?

I think competition breeds aggressiveness. It’s likely a survival requirement. But, competition doesn’t apply to guys like me, because I’ve already been there and done that. I am out of that game (rat race) and certainly don’t miss it.

‘I hated what I did for a living. Don’t be a hater; instead, discover a job you love doing’

I drove in bumper to bumper traffic thousands of hours over 40 years. And, if I had to do it all over again, believe me I wouldn’t. I would have spent my younger years learning to do something else to ‘make a living’ that brought me ‘joy’. Remember, you only live ‘once’. Live happy.

‘Everyone experiences stress from time to time [1].’

Some of us love action and danger while others (like me) seek peaceful situations and circumstances. I used to be a warrior, finally deciding surrendering my destiny to a ‘higher’ source. While I am not a ‘guru or teacher’, my service to mankind has become my ‘two’ websites. Therefore, I hope something you read brings benefit.

‘If you work a calm job, why not drink Japanese green tea? Although, coffee may be the better fueling for those who prefer a much hurried profession’

Source- 1 “5 Things You Should Know About Stress.” National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

*Learn how to meditate in just a few minutes free right, here.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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