Does Alcohol Age You? According To My Wife, Absolutely! So, I Listened And Here’s What I Did…

One day my wife told me I was looking old. I’ve written a post about the 25 bad things alcohol does to your body. I started thinking about what she told me and knew she was right because of how I was feeling at the time. I also took a long look in the mirror and wasn’t liking who I saw looking back! He was an old F_ _T in the making!

I had a favorite drink called Jack and cola. When I began my young party adventure I tried all kinds of liquor until I discovered my favorite beer and whiskey.

‘You may be able to eat and drink anything you want when young, but our bodies do change their ability over many decades to cope with all the bad food and drink’

During the holidays and special occasions you are likely to have people around you who like drinking alcoholic beverages. So, how does one deal with that if he joins the unofficial ‘teetotaler’ club?

‘Depressive disorders are more common among the elderly than among younger people and tend to co-occur with alcohol misuse [1]’.

You could have one drink and then refill the same glass with sparkling water. No one will notice. Furthermore, I doubt anyone will care. It’s good to have a substitute for something you shouldn’t be drinking or eating. For example, I no longer drink coffee and have substituted Japanese green tea.

‘The first step in stopping a bad habit is deciding it actually is one’

Coffee made me feel way anxious and stressed out. On the other hand, drinking green tea is quite soothing and I feel it is beneficial to ones health. Yes, it doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, (25%) but after a while you ‘adjust’.

‘Eating 89-90% plant based whole food becomes your new lifestyle’

Although, one cannot stop growing old, (in my opinion) he or she has the power to slow the ageing process down eating healthier plant based whole foods. I believe that the quality of our lives depend upon making that ‘adjustment’.

Source- 1 Alcohol and Aging – Alcohol Alert No. 40-1998. (n.d.). Retrieved December 29, 2020, from

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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