Best Judge For Choosing A Healthy Diet Is… Body Wisdom Or Health Research?

You can read everything about weight loss, health and longevity you want until your eyes cross. But, in the end who is your best judge? Even when we go to the doctor, he or she will ask you how you are feeling. In other words, you always will be the final expert how you feel, ‘health wise’.

‘Trust your body, but do the research’

Through painful long term consequential life mistakes, I learned to trust my intuition and how my body feels. This is certainly the ‘hard way’ learning to trust your ‘gut’. As I look around, it seems most people don’t have a problem with that. But, somehow I always did to my detriment.

‘Believe what you think over others, unless you see they make more sense’

It was a decades long journey. And, I don’t think trusting ones ‘gut’ can be taught. I gather my facts of course, but do make a final logical determination. Your ‘intuition’ will guide you if you listen to its subtle way.

‘At best, there’s disagreement among most all health experts’

Years ago, I didn’t believe in me. Now, I do without evidence. Yet, no one can ever take this perception away from you. There is so much misinformation the media puts out, one can easily be confused about what health topic is true or not. Furthermore, it’s amazing to me what people believe and take for granted simply because they ‘heard’ it somewhere.

‘Trust your intuition and never fail’

On my resource page are sites listed I do my own research for citations on most of my posts. I actually do favor one for most citations, which is the NIH. I think the information is about as reliable as you’re going to get.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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