Why No Rice With Beans? This Grain Substitute Has Virtually No Arsenic…

When you decide to eat the healthiest food on the planet, you have to devise your own diet. We all like certain things to eat. For example, I like potatoes and you may prefer rice. But, I found out that rice has something in it I don’t want in my body. Like me, you also might want to consider substituting another grain.

‘Rice has arsenic in it. And, depending upon where it is grown has varying amounts. Yet, I came to the final conclusion I had to find a grain having practically none’

I used to eat rice with my beans, even adding some to my soup. But, no more. I looked for a substitute. I finally came up with one. Yet, I tried quinoa, but just didn’t like its aftertaste.

Other grains like wheat, corn, barley, oats and rye don’t agree with me. Did you know all grains have their own gluten? Yet, I was quickly running out of options. Fortunately, I discovered millet contains an almost undetectable trace of arsenic.

‘I eat millet with my beans. It’s also good in the evening after dinner heated in the micro with a little rice milk on it. You can add it as an ingredient to soup’

There is some controversy if millet is a grain or seed. But, does anyone care? I just wanted to find a grain I liked eating that didn’t have any arsenic. Millet has become my only grain. This I make in my rice cooker, but you have to add more water to it than rice.

‘Inorganic arsenic intake is likely to affect long-term health [1]’.

What I do is fluff it up when done, but add additional water pushing the button to cook it longer. It makes perfect chewy millet. On a plant based whole food diet you never go hungry. But, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories. This is no problem when you eat enough potatoes, beans and your choice of grain.

Source- 1 Hojsak I;Braegger C;Bronsky J;Campoy C;Colomb V;Decsi T;Domellöf M;Fewtrell M;Mis NF;Mihatsch W;Molgaard C;van Goudoever J; ;. (n.d.). Arsenic in rice: A cause for concern. Retrieved January 01, 2021, from https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25536328/

*Create your own diet for your age, weight and activity level, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet or rule out an entire food group.

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