For The Love For Meat! Is Risking Colorectal, Stomach, Pancreatic or Prostate Cancer Worth It’s Taste?

I watch quite a few animal videos and all I see them do is love us humans back. I even see spiders who people ‘adopt’ as pets. I don’t really like spiders, snakes and bugs, but I observe most animals (including reptiles and insects) won’t harm us as long as we don’t hurt them or pose a threat.

‘Of course meat tastes good. But, the evidence plainly shows it’s not good for you…’

I have eaten plant based whole food for many years. The reason I stopped eating meat was after a ruptured appendix decades ago. That was the circumstance causing me to question food I ate in association with my health. I fashioned my diet by a doctor who suggested eating more dairy and meat as a way to lose weight. Yes, I lost weight the unhealthy way almost costing me my life in the hospital.

‘Want to have the lowest food shopping bill for miles around? Stop buying alcohol, snacks, meat, dairy, processed and refined products and eat 80-90% plant based whole food…’

Meat doesn’t get digested nearly as easily as fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, from what I’ve read at the WHO, ‘processed meat causes colorectal cancer’ with evidence linking red meat to other cancers [1].

‘Every evening I smell a BBQ in the neighborhood’

My nature has changed through the years. Life changed my personality and who I am. Maybe, it’s karma from all the mistakes I made. But, now I don’t want to cause pain or harm to animals.

‘How much meat would we eat if we had to be our own butcher’?

I remember I used to BBQ every night in my twenties. My dog ‘stole’ the steaks off the Hibachi one evening on the back porch. That’s when I should have realized it was his food he should be eating and not mine and praised him instead with a ‘good doggie’! Their gut is perfectly designed for digesting meat.

‘The media advertisements promised me milk was good for my body. They got sued and stopped saying that…’

On occasion, if there’s extra meat left over at the dinner table, I most certainly will eat some. I figure what’s done is done and why should it go to waste?

Source- 1 Cancer: Carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat. (n.d.). Retrieved December 25, 2020, from

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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