Take The Leafy Green Challenge! Eat A Large Salad Every Day For 1 Week And See If You Don’t Lose Weight And Feel Healthier…

Try eating a large green salad every day for a week and see how you feel. I bet you will notice a big difference and even lose some unwanted weight.

One of my wife’s relatives was in the hospital for something very serious and when we came to visit years ago, we saw a beautiful green salad on the cart outside the room. No one ate that salad, but the husband ordered cheese enchiladas with brownies, instead.

‘Hey, you don’t mind if I eat that green salad outside your door, do ya’?

People are very touchy about their food. At least, I know my wife is. I have been trying to get her to eat more and more plant based whole food for years. I have had some luck. But, change goes slow for some of us. I have to be careful how I say something because it soon is called preaching. So, all I can do is set my own example and see what happens next.

Making our scene more green!

  • Eat 1-2 huge green salads each day topped with sliced green olives, pumpkin seeds and my own vinegar dressing
  • Eat steamed brussels sprouts, asparagus and broccoli once each week
  • Drink a pot of Japanese green tea daily
  • Drink one green smoothie
  • Yes, green is a good thing!
  • So, let’s get it greener!

I know through my own experience how I eat works. I am nearly 70 and 5 or 6 years ago I lost over 50 pounds and my blood pressure lowered to 100/60.

I believe I am here today because of it. I didn’t want cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart attack! Thank goodness I woke up and began my own research into weight loss, better health and longevity. Maybe, you will find something useful in this or another post. How I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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