How Do We Live Longer When We Know We Won’t Live Forever?

Realistically, we all know we won’t live forever. But, I never knew anyone who wanted to die. If you lived in pain with a fatal disease, that’s another story. Euthanization would certainly become an option. Personally, when I go I would rather expire in my sleep. But, the experience of consciously dying is something I’ve never heard of…

“Now if you make it to age 65, the likelihood that you’ll make it to 85 is very high. And if you make it to 85, the likelihood that you’ll make it to 92 is very high. So people are living longer, and it’s happening across the globe [1]”

Years ago, I wanted to live to 100 and beyond. But, honestly at almost 70 I am not so sure how long I wish to live. I know I want to keep my health or what’s the point? We all need a purpose, and know what mine is. Yet, no one can ever know when his time is up on earth.

Why not live each day like it could be your last? Now, if you are young this all sounds like nonsense. A year passed is not much to someone 20, but it would be for someone 90. Therefore, I would suggest to you seek happiness no matter your age.

‘The seventh day Adventists are some of the longest lived people who just happen to live in the Loma Linda, California, USA [2]’

Do you know how long you want to live? Have you ever thought about it? I remember when I was 11 years old I would occasionally count the years I thought had left to live. I was figuring I had about 80 years left. As a near-teen, I didn’t have a clue about the many twists in life that could shorten even end ones already brief existence. I learned about all that much later.

Source- 1 & 2 Can You Lengthen Your Life? (2019, August 06). Retrieved January 08, 2021, from

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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