Love Sweets, But Want To Lose Weight? How I Lost My Sweet Tooth And My Desire For Eating Sugary Foods Simply Disappeared…

I used to crave things like ice cream, boxed cereals and candy. I also used to eat refined carbohydrates like bread, tortillas, crackers and cookies. All these aren’t good for the teeth. Furthermore, they all make you gain weight.

‘You can eat all the sweets you want and it will never satisfy for long’

What made me not crave sweets…

  1. I eat carbs that last a long time
  2. They call this ‘Resistant starch’
  3. It’s in beans, lentils, potatoes and whole ‘intact’ grains
  4. I eat beans in my fried oil-less potatoes every day
  5. I eat a lentil soup
  6. Throughout my day I eat berries
  7. I also drink a green smoothie
  8. If I get hungry late at night I eat millet with a little rice milk

If you don’t eat enough ‘Real food’ carbohydrates during the day you will crave fatty and sugary foods. You will hunger for the wrong calories. You know, the ones you shouldn’t eat like your favorite snack and junk foods?

I eat my fair share of russet potatoes every day. I really love them. They are not fattening like so often said. But, I used to eat a lot of rice until I decided consuming any amount of arsenic wasn’t a good thing. Yes, rice has arsenic and depending upon where it comes from it may have more or less than others.

‘Last night I had asparagus and potatoes. Simple, delicious, filling and satisfying with squeezed lemon on the asparagus and salt and pepper’!

To sum it up, one must consume enough calories of the plant based whole food to not go hungry. And, it’s easy to slip up and not get enough calories on a plant based diet. In other words, one cannot live on a green salad alone.

A huge salad can amount to only 50 calories. That’s why I add pumpkin seeds and green olives to bump the calories up, also making the salad taste better.

You have to make your food taste good or you won’t eat it. I like looking forward to my meals. A little garlic salt and pepper goes a long way.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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