Longevity Secrets Disclosed: Remaining Trim, Fit And Healthy Beyond Our Years

Everyone wants to live a long life. But, few want to live it in a rest home or hospital bed. I am old enough I should know a few tips about living long. And, I think I have some valuable pointers no matter how old you are. Continue reading “Longevity Secrets Disclosed: Remaining Trim, Fit And Healthy Beyond Our Years”

My Body Ain’t Lovin’ It, Mr. Burger!

I always loved these burgers, and still do. But, I don’t eat them anymore. Last time I got the cravings for it, I got the burger, fries and fish sandwich and felt all the fat on the roof of my mouth and immediately felt lousy after taking a few bites. It was as if the memory of eating this way again was much better than the current reality of the experience. Continue reading “My Body Ain’t Lovin’ It, Mr. Burger!”

‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…

From time to time one needs to give his body a rest from heavy foods. That’s where fruit comes in handy, especially in the morning. I find I actually do feel better when I only eat fruit in the morning. This really helps with elimination and increasing ones energy. You don’t need to always eat a big meal in the morning. Continue reading “‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…”

Who Said Eating A Tasty Steak Was Healthy? ‘5’ Reasons They Were Wrong…

Nothing like eating a steak! I do admit meat tastes great. But, although I ate a huge amount in the past, I don’t eat it now. Unfortunately, my delicious meat eating days are long over. Why did I decide to go ‘meatless’? One important reason is that eating meat has been proven to cause cancer. This is a good enough reason for me to give up meat eating for good. Continue reading “Who Said Eating A Tasty Steak Was Healthy? ‘5’ Reasons They Were Wrong…”

Being Vegetarian: Going It Alone…

Staying the course as a vegetarian or vegan isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you drive by your ‘used to be’ favorite pizza parlor or hamburger drive through. We all succumb to temptation in one food form or another. I would say it simply comes down to human nature. It’s hard to ‘stick with doing something’ when the majority does not eat mostly plant based whole food. Continue reading “Being Vegetarian: Going It Alone…”

Are Your Aches, Pains And Inflammation An Allergic Reaction To Food? Could Be. Here’s Why…

I have suffered from mysterious aches and pains through the years and wondered why. To this date, it seems to be somewhat ongoing, depending upon what I eat. I am narrowing some of the supposed culprits down, but there still remains something which obscures itself. Continue reading “Are Your Aches, Pains And Inflammation An Allergic Reaction To Food? Could Be. Here’s Why…”

Rationale for Eating More Raw Plant Based Whole Food: How about Weight Loss, Health and Longevity?

I have studied much more about diet than I believe most doctors ever thought of. Although, I am not the expert, I think I saved my wife and myself from an early demise by eating unhealthy food. Why would one ever think he was eating wrong when what he eats tastes so good? Continue reading “Rationale for Eating More Raw Plant Based Whole Food: How about Weight Loss, Health and Longevity?”

Dr. Norman Walker Health, Weight Loss and Longevity Pioneer

I wanted to pay homage to one of my first informational sources concerning health, weight loss and longevity. This was way before the internet, that when you wanted to do your research, you had to go to your local library or bookstore and buy a book. Now, information is at your keyboard. Continue reading “Dr. Norman Walker Health, Weight Loss and Longevity Pioneer”

What! No Cheese on my Pizza? Here’s why You Won’t Miss it…

Health, diet and weight loss has been for me at least, an ongoing study where I am learning all the time. It’s so easy to get fooled into buying something you know for certain you shouldn’t eat at the grocery store, especially if you haven’t learned to not shop hungry.

‘I make my wife a Canadian bacon pizza with sauce, onions, pineapple and cheese. And, yes, I succumb and take a few bites out of a slice. I don’t try to be perfect or preach my way of eating, but do eat mostly plant based whole food…’ ~ your author

Most of the time I don’t go food shopping hungry. And, when I do, I find myself not thinking right and buy stuff I know I shouldn’t. I don’t know how that works, except that your mind tends to play tricks on you or your stomach has a mind of its own and takes complete control over the brain!

‘I found out that dairy and wheat bothered me, in that it caused my ears to plug, my sinuses to flare up and made me cough up mucus. The combination of wheat and cheese or too much of each by themselves sometimes made it hard to breathe waking me up in the middle of the night in a panic. What I did was open up a bottle of Vicks® Vapo Steam which has menthol and other ingredients like eucalyptus oil you pour in a steamer. Instead of what they recommend,  I shook it up, opened the lid and breathed it straight from the bottle mouth. I would take a walk outside and breathe in the cold air deeply for awhile. This really worked for me in getting me breathing right again, erasing the fear, then falling back asleep…’ ~ your author

I can actually eat a few slices of homemade pizza with cheese, but don’t take a chance on eating more than that. I began cooking it without cheese, but my wife didn’t like it. So, I used to make half of it without the cheese for me.

You actually don’t really miss the cheese. To me, it tasted just as good. After you eat mostly fruits and vegetables for some time, pizza will taste very greasy and you probably won’t like greasy tasting food anymore.

As you likely already know, pizza is a very high calorie treat. But, did you know that fat is higher in calories than carbohydrates? Pre-made pizza crust usually has salt, refined oil and milk products, and more added.

‘The higher net total energy, saturated fat, and sodium intake associated with children’s and adolescents’ consumption of pizza demonstrates the importance of implementing policies and practices aimed at curbing its consumption and improving its nutrient content. Dietary strategies to address and treat obesity should focus on the principal sources of calories in the diet, particularly from foods that contribute to excess caloric intake [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4306796/]’.

If you don’t want dairy and do well by wheat, you can make a vegetarian pizza with items like pineapple, mushrooms and onions with just sauce. This does make a very satisfactory pizza.

‘My best estimate is that when you make your own pizza at home with cheese on it, each average sized slice will have approximately 250 to 300 calories, not including any meat…’ ~ your author

I used to make my own pizza dough and let it rise by adding yeast. It was fun, but more work. Now, I buy Boboli® pizza crusts whenever my wife gets the craving. Much easier. It only takes about twelve minutes in a 450 degree pre-heated oven. Personally, I would rate it up there with all the major fast food pizzas for taste. But, for me at least, there will be no more pizza cheese or no cheese.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

Ultimate Food for Health and Weight Loss: Plant Based or Dash Diet? Facts I Found Out…

What’s more important? Is it how our food tastes or good health and weight loss? Why not all the above? People see everything differently and place their own importance on what they want out of life. I can only talk about my viewpoint. So, what matters most to me since I am the writer for this website? Continue reading “Ultimate Food for Health and Weight Loss: Plant Based or Dash Diet? Facts I Found Out…”