Best Judge For Choosing A Healthy Diet Is… Body Wisdom Or Health Research?

You can read everything about weight loss, health and longevity you want until your eyes cross. But, in the end who is your best judge? Even when we go to the doctor, he or she will ask you how you are feeling. In other words, you always will be the final expert how you feel,Continue reading “Best Judge For Choosing A Healthy Diet Is… Body Wisdom Or Health Research?”

The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Being Stressed Out And Anxious In Today’s Rat Race…

We live in a very competitive economy. You may not know who your friends are when it comes to keeping your job. So, sometimes transparency or complete honesty should stay optional?

What’s The ‘Monster’ Behind Snack And Junk Food Addiction?

Does snack and junk food really taste that good? It seems there is trouble stopping eating it. Why? I don’t think it satisfies the appetite. Is there something behind the addiction to eating such bad food that we don’t see?

Are Health Risks Associated With Consuming Animal Protein (Meat, Dairy) Reduced Eating More Legumes (Beans And Lentils)?

I still eat a very small amount of meat throughout the year (birthdays, holidays, special occasions.) The rest of the time, I substitute beans and lentils for animal protein. Through my own studies, I have found our bodies don’t need to eat meat (despite what you hear.)

Too Many Aches And Pains? It’s Hard, But Try Avoiding These For Just ‘1’ Week And See If You Don’t Start Feeling Better…

The only way I can learn is by making mistakes. There’s so much misinformation out there in almost any media that things only get confusing. Where is truth? We have to weed it out for ourselves. Firstly, believe in you over all the ‘noise’ you hear to the contrary.

‘Health Experts Say’ A Little Sodium Is Good, But How Much Salt Is Bad?

Ever since I can remember, I loved lots of salt on my food. I still do, but the difference now is that I notice it makes me feel differently. I swell up when I didn’t used to. It also makes me ache all over. Too much salt has become a problem needing a solution.

Balancing Alkaline/Acidic Foods: Healthy Body pH Maintenance (And, Feeling Better)

If you eat plant based whole food you will naturally be avoiding much of the acidic food. I have a chart I use to remind me which foods are alkaline and which are acidic. It’s a good guide to keep handy: Alkaline and acid food list.

Have You Had Your Large ‘Green’ Salad Today? Brain Health Benefits…

When we want to get healthier by losing weight, we need to develop ‘better’ eating habits. We have a way of ‘forgetting’ things we may not want to do. For example, if you are not ‘used to’ eating a salad everyday, you might go ‘unconscious’, skipping it during lunch or dinner.