When I Stopped Eating Rice For ‘2’ Days My Aches And Pains Disappeared

If you’ve read enough of my posts, you know I give questionable foods repeated testing. I’m my own ‘test rat’. I give the benefit of the doubt often because I don’t want to give up an entire food group.

When Weight Loss No Longer Is The Issue, Why Continued Good Health And Longevity Becomes The Only One..

Although, I was quite strong, when I weighed over 200 I never felt good and didn’t have any energy. This wasn’t that long ago. Now, I never worry about gaining all the weight back. Why?

Our Search For Late Night Healthy Snacks: Warmed ‘Rice’ Cereal

We have always heard brown rice is healthier. Yes, it has more nutrients than white. These are vitamins, minerals and fiber. Yet despite this fact, you might wonder why do I continue eating white rice over brown? Answer: It’s that the

Italian Calrose Rice Bowl Recipe

This recipe is a slight twist to my Spanish/Mexican rice recipe. It basically has the same ingredients, but something a little different cooking without olive oil and parmesan/Romano cheese sprinkled on it in your bowl. It’s fairly easy and quick. I hope you like it.

Almost Genuine Pan Fried Mexican/Spanish Flair Tomato Rice Recipe

I know I just wrote a post yesterday making what I thought was Mexican/Spanish rice the easy way. I wanted to make this rice recipe as genuine to common guidelines as humanly possible. I really like cooking, especially if my wife gives me a ‘thumbs up’ on a new dish I ‘dream up’.

Easy Zesty Mexican/Spanish Rice Recipe

Me and my wife have been craving a spicy rice dish for a while. So, I decided to formulate my own Zesty Mexican/Spanish Rice Recipe. I didn’t make much at first, so if it was a flop, I wouldn’t waste too much food. But, lo and behold, my wife loved it.

Lectins Cause Aches And Pains? Pressure Cook Beans, Tomatoes, Rice And Potatoes To Reduce Potency

Just because you eat plant based whole food doesn’t mean you don’t have to modify something. I don’t know about you, but I have suffered RA symptoms for quite some time, never identifying it for what it was.

‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…

From time to time one needs to give his body a rest from heavy foods. That’s where fruit comes in handy, especially in the morning. I find I actually do feel better when I only eat fruit in the morning. This really helps with elimination and increasing ones energy. You don’t need to always eatContinue reading “‘1’ Super Huge Reason Why Fruit Alone Is Better For Breakfast…”

The Fountain Of Youth And Healthy Aging: Why I Think I’ve Found It…

So many retire because of ill health. If one cannot optimally function because he can’t concentrate well or physically perform on a job, what does one do? Pills only suppress symptoms and never make one well again.