My Story

steven humphreys
Your author, Steven Humphreys

Although I learned what to eat to lose 50 pounds, I still suffered from inflammation, muscle aches and joint pains. I was feeling like a ‘bag of bones’ that creaked and popped!

Through my own research I discovered it likely was an ‘allergic reaction’ to certain foods. I learned what ‘leaky gut syndrome’ was and that I may have suffered from this condition. Since then, I have learned much more about what I should eat and not.

When I lost my fifty pounds, my blood pressure went way down to a very healthy 100/60. I gained more energy and felt better. I haven’t gained a single pound back (weight usually returns on all those ‘fad diets’ you hear about on TV.)

“I knew I was on to something…”

I haven’t been to a doctor in decades no longer suffering from gout and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms (unless I eat wrong foods on ‘certain occasions’.) I owe it all to eating more fruits and vegetables. Take a look at what I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.