Why Do Some People Stay Trim, Healthy And Live Long Eating Bad Food And Drink?

Many ‘scoff’ at the idea diet has anything to do with health. In my opinion, it’s no laughing matter. What we do now will affect our future health by how we eat. There are many foods we were told were healthy that have been proven not. For example, meat and dairy.

Longevity Secrets Disclosed: Remaining Trim, Fit And Healthy Beyond Our Years

Everyone wants to live a long life. But, few want to live it in a rest home or hospital bed. I am old enough I should know a few tips about living long. And, I think I have some valuable pointers no matter how old you are.

Essential Healthy Foods A Man And Woman 70+ Years Young Ate That Kept Them Alive & Well

These two videos from YouTube® are worthwhile to watch. I am always interested in the lifestyle and eating habits of people who are more aged than I. These videos are very revealing and are recommended viewing if you want to learn a few secrets this man and woman have to living longer and staying healthy.

The Fountain Of Youth And Healthy Aging: Why I Think I’ve Found It…

So many retire because of ill health. If one cannot optimally function because he can’t concentrate well or physically perform on a job, what does one do? Pills only suppress symptoms and never make one well again.

Meal Tips For Those 65+

I use the USDA choose my plate calculator. I devised a daily calorie and meal plan using their tools. Here’s a page that might interest you, here. When we get older, we have to watch what we eat more than we used to. We also don’t absorb nutrients as good. For example, an important vitaminContinue reading “Meal Tips For Those 65+”

How Do You Know Which Diet, Health and Weight Loss Information Is True or Not?

I grapple with this often. Who do you believe? Who is the ultimate authority on health and weight loss, and will he please stand up or raise his hand? I don’t see anyone! But, many do profess they are the authority. Yet, when so many doctors and sources of information disagree or contradict each other,Continue reading “How Do You Know Which Diet, Health and Weight Loss Information Is True or Not?”

Weight Loss Diet: What Exactly Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

Even though I am a self educated layman in terms of health, longevity and weight loss, I can say through my own experience and trial and error that how I eat is a weight loss diet.

Diet Tips For Seniors: Tweaking Your Diet For Weight Loss, Health And Longer Life

As we get older we need to change our young person eating habits. We have to realize we don’t have fourteen year old bodies anymore and it simply won’t let us get away with eating a bunch of junk like it used to.

Why Plant Based Whole Food Diets Can And Do Work Wonders

We are bombarded by commercials on TV all day long. There’s money in big beef and chicken, weight loss foods delivered to your door and everything else that’s processed and refined. They pay millions for

Healthful Reasons for Avoiding a ‘Paleo’ Type Diet

The paleolithic era lasted more than two and a half million years. That’s a long time. But, no one knows exactly what the caveman ate before then and if our bodies have changed that much since then.