Japanese Green Tea Revisited: Healthy Reasons Drinking It Everyday…

First of all, why do I drink green tea? Years ago I was attracted to the Asian culture. I always had a subtle draw to it. But, when I went out to eat at Chinese restaurants in the past, I always loved drinking tea without sugar.

Why I Closed My Experiment: List Of What I Stopped Eating And Drinking, Forever (My Explanation May Surprise You…)

I wanted to give a heads up on what things I’ve stopped eating and drinking. To make it clearer, I have made a list of the most important ones and explain why I stopped consuming them. What I have to say might help you decide to quit certain drinks and food. I certainly hope youContinue reading “Why I Closed My Experiment: List Of What I Stopped Eating And Drinking, Forever (My Explanation May Surprise You…)”

Keeping A Critical Eye On What We Eat As We Age…

We all grow old, but I’ve heard of guys who are in their 90’s climbing up a ladder and fixing things up on top their roofs! I so much want to be like that! This gentleman I know eats plant based whole food…

Which Sweetener is Healthier: Stevia, Monk Fruit or Erythritol?

I have been experimenting with stevia, monk fruit and erythritol sweeteners. I pay close attention to how any sweetener affects my teeth. There is little study on effects of these sweeteners on our teeth and health in general.

Health Benefits of Smoothies Made with Japanese Green Tea

Me and my wife drink one to two green smoothies every day. I did research on health benefits and found ingredients that may help to improve your vision. We are getting up there in the years and feel drinking or eating something healthy that brings tangible results is well worth the effort.

Is Coffee Bad for You?

OK morning Joe, what’s the deal? Is coffee bad for you or is it good for you? There are pros and cons to drinking this notoriously addictive liquid. But, what things I do hear is mainly all the good stuff about drinking it, until you begin digging a little deeper. Of course, there are some whoContinue reading “Is Coffee Bad for You?”