Losing Weight: Are We Feeling Better or Not?

Losing weight may save our lives, but if we don’t feel better in the process, it’s no good. Yes, we want to be healthier, like lowering our blood pressure so we are not as prone to have heart attacks or stroke, but we want to feel more energetic and generally feel better. Right? Of course, we do. Continue reading “Losing Weight: Are We Feeling Better or Not?”

Is Exercise or Eating Healthy Better?

This is a good question, but the answer may be obvious to some and not others. Both of course, have their place. Is Exercise or Eating Healthy Better? In my opinion, I believe Continue reading “Is Exercise or Eating Healthy Better?”

Why do People Live Over 100? 10 things they have in Common

I am getting up there in years myself and wondered lately what people have in common who live to 100 and beyond. I learned a few things watching videos on YouTube© . It wasn’t what I thought I’d be hearing. What I heard caught me off guard… Continue reading “Why do People Live Over 100? 10 things they have in Common”

Getting Healthier: Eat like the Great Apes

Any way one can lower his cholesterol and blood pressure is a good thing in my estimation. Should we go ape on our diets?

I would recommend it. Why? We are very much like the great apes in our genetic makeup. Therefore, why not mimic them?

The daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables is Continue reading “Getting Healthier: Eat like the Great Apes”

What is the secret to a long and healthy life?

The older you get, the more you’ll probably be concerned about this. Especially, if you have a health problem, are overweight or generally don’t feel well. Through my own research, I have found some answers I feel will help.

I have learned that there are people in Continue reading “What is the secret to a long and healthy life?”

Plant based whole food: The way to weight loss, better health and longer life

You’ve likely heard confusing information about what ‘vegetarians and vegans’ are and may not know the true difference between the two. More importantly, some of their food choices are health destroyers. For example, a frosted doughnut qualifies as Continue reading “Plant based whole food: The way to weight loss, better health and longer life”

Why can’t I lose weight? Do this and succeed…

Why can’t I lose weight? I used to ask myself this exact question not too long ago. It was like a roller coaster ride I was stuck on for decades. It was painful trying to lose weight, because I was Continue reading “Why can’t I lose weight? Do this and succeed…”

Easy weight management: Here’s the trick

It’s not easy losing weight, but sooner or later we have to take matters into our own hands and confront our eating addictions. If we wish to shed pounds, we have to alter our Continue reading “Easy weight management: Here’s the trick”