Reasons To Not Trust A ‘Fad Diet’ For Healthy Weight Loss…

In my early thirties I almost died from a ruptured appendix. I feel it was a result of a book I bought written by this popular doctor of the time. He said to lose weight by eating lots of meat. Crazy idea. But, I fell for it. Continue reading “Reasons To Not Trust A ‘Fad Diet’ For Healthy Weight Loss…”

Healthful Reasons Eating Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup Recipe Everyday

Many believe there’s nothing to eat being vegetarian or vegan. But, it’s a misconception. They have more choices than the way I eat. But, you would have to eat more refined and processed foods of which will likely make you overweight, sick and shorten your life. Continue reading “Healthful Reasons Eating Vegetable Lentil Rice Soup Recipe Everyday”

11 Healthy Reasons To Add Onions To Your Diet

I haven’t always loved onions. When I was a kid, I had to eat them on top a salad with a dressing I couldn’t stand. But, since then, I have overcome that hindrance and fell in love with their taste. Although, I do however prefer eating sautéed over raw. Nevertheless, onions are healthy either cooked or uncooked. Continue reading “11 Healthy Reasons To Add Onions To Your Diet”

Should We Eat More Potatoes Or Less?

I cut my potato consumption down because I felt I might be sensitive to ‘solanine’. But, I still do eat potatoes. I just don’t eat french fries, potato chips or baked potatoes anymore. Why, you ask? Continue reading “Should We Eat More Potatoes Or Less?”

6 Things to do to Lose Weight and Get Healthier

There are more than six things to do to lose weight and get healthier, but if these 6 things are done, it will be much easier to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

I lost fifty pounds eating Continue reading “6 Things to do to Lose Weight and Get Healthier”

Good and Bad Carbs, Fats and Sugar

You hear so much conflicting information it’s hard to know the truth about which food is healthy and not. We have all heard sugar is bad for us, red meat, carbs and fat. So, what’s left to eat? Continue reading “Good and Bad Carbs, Fats and Sugar”

How I lost 50 Pounds in a Nutshell

I thought I’d put down how I lost 50 pounds in a nutshell. In a few words, you lose weight eating real food, plant-based whole food. This is the healthiest way I know of to lose weight. I mean, we don’t want to lose weight in an unhealthy way, because there are plenty of skinny sick people. Continue reading “How I lost 50 Pounds in a Nutshell”