Which Plant Based Whole Food Advocate Doctor looks Healthiest?

Plant based whole food advocate doctors promote eating grain, usually processed grains like tortillas, cereals and bread. But, how healthy do they look? To me, some of them look dehydrated.

Processed Food and Refined Grains: Why ‘NONE’ is Better

I wanted to tell you all the reasons why I decided to give up refined grains like bread, tortillas, oatmeal and cold cereal. I have tried eating them over and over as a test, and have decided they consistently cause me inflammation.

Baked potato butter lettuce salad: Potato lover’s unite!

If you happen to like my red cabbage, cucumber, quinoa and onion salad with balsamic dressing, you just might also like my baked potato butter lettuce salad. This is not your ‘normal’ potato salad with eggs and mayo! Of course, like the ‘genuine’ potato salad, it will ‘stick to your ribs’ more than a regularContinue reading “Baked potato butter lettuce salad: Potato lover’s unite!”

Rheumatism and vegetarianism: My gout and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms disappeared!

If you are trying to lose weight, you might wonder why I am talking about different ailments, conditions and diseases so often. While healthy weight loss of unneeded pounds is good, often what comes with losing weight is

Healthy salad recipes you will love!

You don’t need a million salad recipes to have an enjoyable salad experience every day. This is because I put just about everything under the sun in my salad, as long as it doesn’t come from

Foods can cause aches and pains: What to eat

Weight loss is no good if you suffer from mysterious aches and pains. Food is very powerful medicine, often more than medicine itself. Pain pills can damage our organs, even causing other health issues. Pills cover up symptoms, but why not get to the cause and get rid of the misery for good? If youContinue reading “Foods can cause aches and pains: What to eat”

Rheumatoid arthritis: Forks and spoons can help cure what’s ailing you

Although, I never did go to a doctor and get a diagnosis, I learned on my own (through studying my symptoms) I likely suffer from bouts of (inflammation) rheumatoid arthritis and gout shortly after I consume the wrong foods. I created my own rheumatoid arthritis diet for vegetarians I abide by. I make sure IContinue reading “Rheumatoid arthritis: Forks and spoons can help cure what’s ailing you”

Is rice good for you? Depends where it’s grown (hint: arsenic)

Is rice good for you? Diets containing white rice, fruit and juices have cured disease in the past. Many cultures eat huge amounts of rice and are thin. I used to eat rice, but when I found out this very popular grain had a bad ingredient, I began to doubt its

Is bread bad for you? Why wheat got such a ‘bad rap’

You might have wondered: is bread bad for you? I have talked a lot about grain products throughout my site, not just bread. I have read quite a lot about refined grains. As you know, I

Refined grains and weight gain: How to win the ‘battle of the bulge’

What’s the connection between refined grains and weight gain? There is a connection, because when I excluded all