Liven Up Your Potatoes (And, More) With This Tasty Lime Flavored Spice Called ‘Tajin…’!

If you like my avocado boats recipe, you might be interested in using a new spice I found at the store. It’s made by ‘Tajin‘. I love it on potatoes and added to guacamole I make every few days. I think this is a ‘Mexican’ spice. It’s truly great tasting…

Weight Loss Blogging’s special ‘Zesty’ avocado dressing (and, dip)

I like avocados, so I make sure I eat about one to two every week. I wanted to experiment with making an avocado dressing because I love guacamole. I thought an avocado salad dressing would be a great addition to my salad dressing arsenal. So, here is what  came up with since I am myContinue reading “Weight Loss Blogging’s special ‘Zesty’ avocado dressing (and, dip)”