Easy Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian: You Can Be One, Too!

So, you want to go vegetarian or vegan? It’s not so hard, but you will get ‘hooked’ on it once you find plant based whole foods you like eating. All you have to do after that is ‘repeat’. Continue reading “Easy Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian: You Can Be One, Too!”

Being Vegetarian: You Still Have to ‘Weed Out’ Bad Food

In the beginning, the more I lost weight, the better I felt. But, there was something ‘wrong’ I was eating that was bothering me. I noticed as my health improved I also became more sensitive to foods. I became more aware about how my body felt after eating something. Continue reading “Being Vegetarian: You Still Have to ‘Weed Out’ Bad Food”

How to become a ‘vegan or vegetarian’ the right way

How to become a vegan is similar to becoming a vegetarian. Converting over to a whole food plant based diet from the traditional American diet would be much more of a Continue reading “How to become a ‘vegan or vegetarian’ the right way”

Fruits and Vegetables

So, why would anyone want to adopt a whole food plant based diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables? If you are overweight and tired of feeling sick and tired, you are in need of a Continue reading “Fruits and Vegetables”

Plant Based Diet

Will I lose weight on a plant based diet? There are many names or phrases used these days defining whole food. Take your pick.

For example, a whole food plant based diet is pretty much a Continue reading “Plant Based Diet”

Becoming a Vegetarian

Have you heard eating more fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight? Becoming a vegetarian is not like you joined some kind of weird cult. You don’t turn strange. But, there are those vegetarians who preach who come off as judgmental.

I have seen those same vegetarians with a soft drink in their hands and a bag of chips. It qualifies as vegetarian, but Continue reading “Becoming a Vegetarian”

A list of the Healthiest Foods ever

Did you know, eating the healthiest foods can help you lose weight? Eating whole food can take you back to the weight you were meant to be, make you healthier lengthening your life.

For example, I am now at my high school weight and my blood pressure is lower than its ever been. I also feel better than I did in my teens. It’s still very amazing to me what Continue reading “A list of the Healthiest Foods ever”