Is There A Healthiest Diet On This Planet? What The Experts Are Suggesting We Eat…

It’s essential for maintaining vibrant health and promoting graceful aging to not eat foods causing inflammation. Continuing doing so over the years can create various ailments, conditions and disease.

Why Research Is Saying Consuming Less Omega 6 (It’s In Nuts, Seeds And Many Refined Oils) Could Be Healthier…

I bought a good deal from Costco® the other day. It was a ‘three pound bag of pistachios’. Mistake! The next day after eating handful after handful, I experienced aches and pains in every atom of my body.

Research Proves Potatoes Toxic! Should ‘Potato Lovers’ Give Them Up?

Rumor has it eating starchy food makes us gain weight. Not true at all. There is so much misinformation out there, no wonder everyone (including me) gets confused. Yes, if you slather butter and sour cream on, of course it will add on the pounds not to mention dairy products are not health food.

Common Foods I Don’t Eat Anymore And Healthy Reasons Why It Works So Darn Good

If you have been reading my posts for long, you will know I have been experimenting to perfect my diet. In doing so, I realized that what works for me may work for you, too. We are all humans and do have more things in common than not. Our bodies are very similar. We alsoContinue reading “Common Foods I Don’t Eat Anymore And Healthy Reasons Why It Works So Darn Good”

Did You Know Healthy Vegetarian Foods Can Cause Aches And Pains, Maybe More?

You might be surprised that so called healthy vegetarian food could cause you problems. And, certain plant based whole food can and does, at least for some of us. But, which ones can possibly be culprits?

Is All ‘Starchy’ Plant Based Whole Food Healthy? Not Necessarily. Here’s Why…

I contemplated giving up eating white potatoes, brown rice and wheat bread because I had doubts about their nutrition, effects on my blood sugar and if they gave me energy or simply made me feel tired. Yet, the most important aspect was I thought eating these might be causing me a ‘leaky gut’. For me,Continue reading “Is All ‘Starchy’ Plant Based Whole Food Healthy? Not Necessarily. Here’s Why…”

Delicious Foods I Stopped Eating That Improved My Health Almost Immediately

You are probably not going to like what I have to say. Here it goes… After many years of eating these kinds of products, I finally had enough proof I needed to give this category of food up. It’s very hard to do because it’s so prevalent in our society. It seems it’s in everythingContinue reading “Delicious Foods I Stopped Eating That Improved My Health Almost Immediately”

Are You Experiencing Painful Inflammation? Why You Might Want To Pressure Cook Your Beans, Rice And Potatoes…

As one gets older, he usually feels more aches and pains. It could also be food related and not so much age. The longer I am Vegan, the sooner the red flag comes up when I ‘fall of the wagon’.

Pinto Beans, Basmati Brown Rice, Sautéed Onions, Corn And Mexican Salsa Recipe

You’d be surprised how good eating simply tastes. When I hadn’t eaten my beans with rice for awhile, and when I tried this recipe, I remembered what I had been missing. I bought a different