Wonderful reasons why healthy weight loss can promote much better health

Yes, there are skinny people who are not healthy, but what food do they eat? If they are vegetarians, you might see a bag of chips and soda in their hands.

Healthiest Natural Diet: Alkaline or Acid pH?

I feel I have extensively studied diet as it affects heath. But, one never will know it all. Because as soon as you think you do, food throws a curve at you and you find out you were wrong about something. Weight loss, health and longevity has to be approached through reason, common sense andContinue reading “Healthiest Natural Diet: Alkaline or Acid pH?”

The Way to a Healthy Long Life: Mimic the Oldest Living People?

If you had a ‘crystal ball’ and could look into the future, would you? You would probably want to know a few things like if you were going to live to 100 or not. If you were curious whether or not you’d get cancer, diabetes, heart or some other disease, would you like to know,Continue reading “The Way to a Healthy Long Life: Mimic the Oldest Living People?”

What is the secret to a long and healthy life?

The older you get, the more you’ll probably be concerned about this. Especially, if you have a health problem, are overweight or generally don’t feel well. Through my own research, I have found some answers I feel will help. I have learned that there are people in

Lifestyle and weight management: You have to keep working at it

Nobody gets to ride for free. There’s upkeep mentally and physically. It’s easy to slip on your diet and before you know it, you are not feeling as well and have gained weight. Why? Because we live in a world of

Holistic health: Why it takes more than healthy food?

What is holistic health? It has everything to do with the ‘whole person’. It’s the psychological, physical and social aspects of ones life which should seriously be