How We ‘Poison’ Ourselves With Wrong Food We Thought Was ‘Healthy’ To Eat…

Not only can we be ‘tricked’ by ingredient labels, we can also trick ourselves when shopping at the grocery store. How? Our stomachs take over our minds when we shop ‘hungry’. I know, I have bought all the wrong food I ordinarily wouldn’t have if I only would have eaten before I left home.

Research May Prove Lower Caloric Intake Increases Lifespan In Rats (But, What About Us Humans?)

Did you know that fat has twice as many calories as carbs? But, then there’s the bad cholesterol which can clog your arteries and make you have a heart attack or stroke. I struggled with weight loss on that roller coaster ride up and down for years. This was until I began eating plant basedContinue reading “Research May Prove Lower Caloric Intake Increases Lifespan In Rats (But, What About Us Humans?)”

Want To Be ‘Fit For Life’? What I Found…

Again, where does one go to get the right information on weight loss, improving ones health and living longer? It’s anyone’s guess. There are many sources that claim they have all the answers, but be sure to take a look at what you think is motivating them. Are they a big company and what areContinue reading “Want To Be ‘Fit For Life’? What I Found…”

Looking Toward Our Future: Insuring Good Health In Our Later Years

When we were 14 years old, it seemed we could eat anything we wanted. Time was on our side and we didn’t have to worry much about our health. But, there often are changes coming to our health as we age that will be getting our attention.

The Real Reasons I Write Posts For My Weight Loss, Health And Longevity Site…

You might have wondered, why did I start this site? I guess, it’s a public service kind of thing. I am not rolling in the dough because of my writing. But, it does give personal satisfaction, of which money in itself can never give.

USDA My Plate: Daily Nutrition Guidelines for Vegetarians?

Although, I am not a professional health researcher, doctor or scientist, I back up what I say with citations often from the NIH, but not always. There are other government agencies I go to validating in my own mind the facts and non-facts that are spreading around the internet. Furthermore, I don’t want to contributeContinue reading “USDA My Plate: Daily Nutrition Guidelines for Vegetarians?”