The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Being Stressed Out And Anxious In Today’s Rat Race…

We live in a very competitive economy. You may not know who your friends are when it comes to keeping your job. So, sometimes transparency or complete honesty should stay optional?

The Big Life Reboot: Practical Tips On Creating Peace And Serenity In Tumultuous Times Like These….

If you are reading this you might want more well-being. But, everyone is different. For example, some of us are warriors who seek out conflict and action, while others like myself actively seek out peace and serenity.

Keys To Living A Holistic Lifestyle: Creating Your Own Healthy Mind-Body Connection…

Drinking alcohol always made me feel depressed the following day. Then, in the morning I would make myself a cup of coffee, and that made me feel anxious. So, I was feeling depressed and anxious at the same time. So, that made more tasks in my day stressful. Decades later, I found Japanese green teaContinue reading “Keys To Living A Holistic Lifestyle: Creating Your Own Healthy Mind-Body Connection…”

What Happens When You Believe In You, Just The Way You Are?

My last post was about sleeping difficulties, depression, anxiety and stress. I am not a doctor, so that supposedly means I am not an ‘expert’. Although I’ve read many psychology books, I speak from my own experience, my best teacher.

Living ‘Sane’ In An Insane World…

Personally, I haven’t had a very joyful life. But, now I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Many times I’ve wondered what my purpose was and why I was put here on this seemingly (at times) miserable