Why Pan Frying Hash Browns With No Oil Is Healthier And Just As Tasty

I pan fry my hash browns without oil in a ‘no stick’ coated pan. I didn’t realize you could actually make hash browns and cut up potatoes have a crusty coating cooking with no oil. But, you can. Living without oil to fry your food isn’t hard doing. Just don’t Continue reading “Why Pan Frying Hash Browns With No Oil Is Healthier And Just As Tasty”

Health & Weight Loss: The Short Version

Go and try to find a diet you can eat all you want of. You see diet programs on TV all the time. But, from what I can see of them, they are not healthy. Those foods are processed and refined and not plant-based whole food. Continue reading “Health & Weight Loss: The Short Version”

How to Bake your own Tortilla Chips

This tortilla chip recipe is pretty darned easy. I do these myself all the time. This way, you know what’s in them. There’s no oil, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, etc.. How can that be wrong? Continue reading “How to Bake your own Tortilla Chips”

Health Benefits of a Simple Diet Plan

What are the health benefits of a simple diet plan? For me at least, I believe it’s a real life saver. I suffer from inflammation. I didn’t know before that it was the food that was causing it.

Maybe, you too have generalized aches and pains or got stuck losing weight. You know you should feel better, but Continue reading “Health Benefits of a Simple Diet Plan”

Essential health and weight loss facts…

If there’s only one thing you get out of this article, remember and stay mindful of this: It is essential you pay attention to the amount of salt, sugar and oil in the food you eat.

Furthermore, the only way I know of to have any control over it whatsoever is to Continue reading “Essential health and weight loss facts…”