On Being Good Enough To Yourself: Treating You Better Is Not Selfishness

I think that often our lives are more about others than ourselves. But, we need to think about us, too. This doesn’t mean we are being selfish. And, if it does, a little bit won’t hurt.

Why Constructive ‘Daily Routines’ Create Healthy Lifestyles

Why is having a routine best? You could also ask why was the universe created rather than not? My answer is it’s better having a plan for our existence. Meaning is a good thing, and we decide what that is. The secret is in prioritizing what’s

How A World Famous Millionaire Became That Way In Only 6 Steps…

We all want to be successful and achieve what they call the so called ‘American dream’. It seems many do not attain that state of material acquisition or more accurately, state of mind. Yet, whatever the dream may actually turn out being for you, we likely get a different definition from person to person.